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Boys 2008 Camp

Boys 2008 Camp

Video - Opening Ceremonies

Video - Camp Week One

Video - 92's and 95's Highlights

 ODP Boys Region III 2008 Camp Dates

July 8 – 12th:
1994 state teams
1993 state teams
1992 state teams

July 12 – 15th:
1994 holdovers
1993 holdovers
1992 holdovers

July 13 – 17th:
1995 state teams
1991 state teams

There will be no holdovers for the youngest and oldest age groups (1995s and 1991s). We will handle the return transportation for the holdovers (1994,1993, 1992) in a similar manner as done at the last camp (states will handle the change of flights; the region will transport the holdovers to Birmingham airport—only). 
Player fees for all age groups $425   Adult fees $425


 Important Camp Documents

2008 Camp Schedule

2008 Camp Player Information

2008 Camp Coach Responsibilities

2008 Camp Team Administrator Responsibilities

University of Alabama Campus Info

Boys ODP Summer Camp and Tournament State Participation Numbers [pdf]

Camp Age Group Regional Staff Assignment List [pdf]