South Region State Associations


Please scroll down to locate the contact information for the appropriate Program Administrator for assistance:

South Region General Manager
Tom Condone
South Region Representative
Todd Lockhart

(C) 615-289-6630

Director of Operations 
Janice Drimer
(C) 919-414-4300

South Region Secretary
Tina Cook 
(H) 870-931-4617

Southern Regional Premier League Administrator

Bill Fisher
(C) 561-901-8194

Olympic Development Program- Boys Committee
Scott McGuinn

Olympic Development Program - Girls Committee
Jen Charron

Hall of Fame Committee
Daryl Rodway
(H) 505-865-0980
Coaching Committee
Mike Strickler
(C) 863 268 8220
Presidents Cup Committee
Lynn Bertovic
(C) 205-447-9301
National Championships Committee
Don Bohnet
(C) 210-326-5413; (O) 210-913-0749

Referee Committee
Roger Morton
(O) 336-370-9898 (C) 336-686-7901

Registration Committee
Jane Llewellyn
(O/C) 704-564-5953; (F) 704-541-9267

Risk Management Committee

Becky McLaren
(C) 305-804-6880

Soccer Across America
Tom Condone

TOPSoccer Committee
Dave Robinson
(C) 941-704-5470

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